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iCAN-grow – for more mature companies seeking to cost effectively stimulate sales, marketing and commercialization efforts, expand markets, develop new revenue streams, partnering or sector development opportunities.

Accelerating the Sustainable Growth of Cleantech Enterprises Worldwide

As an iCAN-grow Member working together with the iCANny Business Development Group we can:

  • Explore technology and industry convergence. The iCAN-grow digital media team can guide you with product training, investor and promotional video presentations, website updates, the exploding world of social media, public relations and expanded customer interaction
  • Expand your product offerings and develop or acquire new intellectual properties by employing our exclusive technology acquisition strategies
  • Engage new market opportunities through acquisition, licensing, private equity or many other available financing options
  • Extend your access to global resources, industry intelligence and markets through the iCANny team of international executives and partners
  • Advice about convergence of intelligent devices and tools for improved supply chain management, customer service and customer relationship management
  • Enter new markets through the iCANny Global Business Development Network

You also receive:

  • Access and the opportunity to view and present your company to the monthly online iCANny Business Breakfast Forum global audience
  • Access to the Members Only section of the iCANny web portal which provides valuable business articles, chat room, intelligence and information
  • Access to a global network of iCANny business mentors and executives, partners, academics, consultants and professionals
  • A critical review of your Executive Summary by the iCANny team of mentors and executives
  • Access to additional iCANny business development and professional services at Member rates
  • Display the iCANny logo on your website and promotional material telling the world that your company is a member of the world’s largest, virtual innovation network

As a new iCAN-grow Member, you will receive a FREE copy of the iCANny whitepaper: “Blueprint to Sustainability”